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oh Edie!

You don’t come across many girls who are equally charming as well as sexy at the same time, you know, that one kind of wild innocence.

Most popularly known as Andy Warhol’s muse. Edie Sedgwick. 

She is our April feature.

Edie Sedgwick used to appear in a lot of Andy Warhol’s underground movies. These movies would have unusual footages of Edie waking up, Edie drinking orange juice, Edie smoking, Edie putting on make up, Edie trying on clothes.

And talk about her unusual style. Short Hair and Large chandelier earrings. Black Leotards and Mini Dresses and Cigarettes.

and here’s a song to us, night people.                                                                              Femme Fatale feat. Edie Sedgwick